Parents Gateway


Parents Gateway is a new digital platform developed by Ministry of Education (MOE) and GovTech to bring greater convenience to parents to perform simple administrative transactions and to stay updated on schools’ programmes and activities.

This enables parents to better support their child in their education journey through closer interactions and communications with schools. Kheng Cheng School will start using Parents Gateway in Term 2 2019. We invite parents to download the Parents Gateway mobile application today.


Below are some resources
Getting started with Parents Gateway Guide
Travel Declaration & Update Personal Information
Parents Gateway FAQs

Registering for Parents Gateway
You can refer to the info below or click on this LINK

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For queries and clarifications on Parents Gateway, pls email us at

How to download the Parents Gateway App?
1. Open the Apple App Store or Google Playstore app on your mobile smart phones
2. Search for the ‘Parents Gateway’ mobile app or click on the link below on your mobile smart phone

IOS: Download Parents Gateway app on Apple Appstore
(Supported OS Versions 9.1 or later)

Android: Download Parents Gateway app on Android PlayStore
(Supported OS Versions: Android 6.0 or later)

Qr Code

3. Download and install the app onto your phone
4. Make sure you enable ‘Allow Notifications’ to receive push notifications