Organisation Chart

Subject Head/Music & Innovation
Mr Matthew Chan 
Mr Abdul Hakim (Senior Teacher/Music)



1. Confident in expressing through music
2. Curious to explore and learn more about music
3. Cooperative in sharing and developing ideas and skills during Music lessons


To be able to:
1. sing confidently and  play a variety of instruments within an ensemble and as an individual
2. compose simple melodic and rhythmic pieces
3. comment and evaluate music from various cultures using musical elements and concepts

Our Curriculum

Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4
P1Elements of MusicElements of MusicMusic & MovementRhythmic Composition
P2 Introduction to Performing Arts Introduction to Performing Arts Rhythmic Ensembles Melodic Compositions
P3 RecorderRecorder Drumming Drumming 
P4UkuleleUkuleleOrff EnsembleOrff Ensemble
P5Song Writing Song Writing Guitar I Guitar I
P6Rock BandRock BandRock BandRock Band 

Key Programmes

Talent Display

music 1.jpg

Students can sing, dance and play instruments in front of an audience. They can perform individually or in  groups. It is one of our avenues to identify students who are musically inclined. Teachers are in charge of organizing and scheduling  but the event itself is run by students.


music 2.jpg

The KCS accentFM radio show is run throughout theyear to provide students with some relaxation during  reces. It is also a platform for students to make birthday wishes to their peers, highlight upcoming events to the students and share achievements which the school has achieved. The radio show is run by Music Captains who are given the opportunity to learn to use professional audio and sound equipment and serve as  radio hosts.

Learning Journey to Singapore Symphony Orchestra

 music 3.jpg

Each year, our Primary 4 students are invited to attend a performance by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. They  learn about the different instruments that are played in the Western Orchestra as well as concert etiquettes they should obey to be a good audience member.

Kheng Cheng Idol

music 4.jpg

The KCS Idol takes place at the end of the year after the PSLE. It is only open to P6 students performimg soloand belting out their favourite English song Participants go through one round of audition before moving on to the semifinal and   finals. A panel of judges is set up to adjudicate and the eventual winner is voted by teachers.

Music Captains

kheng cheng idol.jpg

Music Captains are ambassadors of the Music Department. They run the AccentFM radio show and assist in all music events (eg, Music Assemblies, Talent Display). Most of them are leaders from Performing Arts CCAs and serve as a medium between the Music Department and the student body. 

KCS Instrumental Music Competition

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This event is for identifying students who have potential in playing musical instruments. There is one session for lower P\primary students (P1 to P3) and one for our upper primary students (P4 to P6). Winners of this competition are given the opportunity to perform during Music Assembly or on Teachers’ Day. Participants who show good potential will also be given further opportunities to showcase  their musical talent.

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