The Badminton 
Team is an established CCA of the school. The Badminton CCA aims to inculcate values of respect, fair play and sportsmanship in our students and to enhance their resilience and tenacity to prepare them for the future.

The Badminton CCA supports the school's objective in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle amongst the students. It is made up of the Recreational Group with members who play badminton as a recreational sport as well as the Competitive Group/ School Team in which trainings are more rigorous to prepare the members with skills and stamina for competitions.

The Badminton School Team represents the school in the Annual National School Games and South Zone Championships. It also conducts intra school events such as the Inter class Badminton tournament among the Badminton CCA members during CCA hours.

Teachers in Charge Training Day and Time Venue
Mr Raymond Khoo (IC)

Ms Yu Ming Xia

Mdm Hilwah Binte Lukman

Mdm Goh Koon Mei
7.30 am - 9.30 am