Floorball is a game that is fun and dynamic. Adapted from the game of ice hockey, Floorball is played indoors with plastic sticks and balls.

Floorball CCA in KCS is the youngest Sports and Games CCA which started in 2012.  Since then, the CCA has grown in popularity. Today, it boasts a membership of 50 members. The required skills in Floorball are developed in the members accordingly they are given ample opportunities to excel in the sport. They have participated in the National School Games, National Floorball Championships under Junior Boys, Senior Boys and Junior Girls categories. In addition to the inter-school tournaments, the CCA also conduct inter-class tournaments for students in the recreational groups.

The team has developed synergy amongst themselves and their combined determination and will to improve will bring the CCA to greater heights.

CCA Schedule

Teachers in ChargeTraining Day and Time
Mr Ahmad 

Mdm Siti Aimrah

Miss Koh Yuan Ting
7.30 am - 9.30 am

Afternoon training sessions are on selected days 

3.30 pm - 5.00 pm

floorball senior boys.jpg