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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

Organisation Chart

Sivamalar Kulasegaram
 Subject Head
Members (other appointments, if any)
PAL Champions

Visual Arts – Kavitha Marimuthu 
Outdoor Education – Grace Wong
Performing Arts – Abdul Hakim and Matthew Chang
Sports & Games – Sivamalar Kulasegaram 

Approach / Framework / Philosophy

The Programme for Active Learning (PAL) is a recommendation by the 2009 Primary Education Review Implementation (PERI) Committee to provide greater emphasis on non-academic programmes for all Primary 1 and 2 students. PAL is part of the curriculum and offered during time-tabled time. In PAL, students are exposed to varied and fun learning experiences in four domains: Sports and Games, Outdoor Education, Performing Arts and Visual Arts. 

Through PAL, students will:
  • Learn to express himself/herself clearly
  • Develop confidence
  • Develop a sense of curiosity and a positive attitude towards learning
  • Develop greater awareness of self and others, learn to manage relationships and work in teams
  • Learn to make responsible decisions
The school hopes that through active participation in each module of PAL, each student will be a H.A.P.P.Y child. Happy, Active, Participative, Plucky (Courageous) and DYnamic

Visual Arts Module

visual arts 1.jpg

Diligently working on their masterpieces made using recycled materials.

visual arts 2.jpg

Happy KCS students with their finished product!

Outdoor Education Module

outdoor education 1.jpg

In groups, students work together to put up a tent.

outdoor education 2.jpg

After the hard work put in, the students enjoy  a picnic.

Performing Arts Module

performing arts 1.jpg
performing arts 2.jpg

Sports & Games Module

sports 1.jpg

sports 2.jpg