Media Resource Library

Opening hours

School Term

Monday to Friday:  7.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Lunch Time

Monday to Friday:  1p.m. – 1.45 p.m.

* The MRL is closed on weekends, school holidays and public holidays.
General Office: 62552502
Library Assistant   : Mr Victor Lam
If you have any enquiries, please approach the librarian for assistance.

Library Rules and Regulations:


*be considerate to all library users while in the library
*take good care of the resources in the library
*be respectful to the librarian at all times


*leave your bag and water bottle in front of the library door 
(put them on the shelves outside the library)
*eat or drink in the library
*talk loudly or play games 
*return NLB books to KCS library and vice versa 

*push in the chair that you have used 
*return the books taken to their respective shelves 
(This includes picture books on the shelves located on the carpeted area.) 

Information for Students


All Kheng Cheng School students are automatically members of the 
media resource library. The ezlink Card serves as a library card.  A 
photocopy of the ezlink Card will also be accepted for use as a library 

Overdue Books

All pupils are notified by their English teachers monthly of their overdue 
There are no charges for overdue books.
Please return library books promptly so that other pupils can have 
access to the books. 
Borrowing privileges will be suspended until all overdue books are 

Lost / Damaged Books

Students are responsible for the library books borrowed under their 
Lost or damaged books will have to be paid for.
Please inform the library assistant when you lose/damage a book so he 
can tell you the cost of the book.
Receipts will be issued for payment of lost / damaged books.

Library Facilities


OPAC allows students to search through the existing school library resources to find the specific item they are looking for. 
Students may also check their library accounts using OPAC

OPAC can also be accessed online using any PC with internet access, through the school website or at the following url:

BC number (all caps, case sensitive) e.g. T1234567X

BC number without the T (all caps) e.g. 1234567X

Computers in the MRL

The computers are only to be used for project work. 
Please sign up with the librarian before you use the computers.

Book Return

mrl5.jpgFor fast returns, return your books to the book return container on the 
library counter.
If the library is closed, books may be returned to the book drop.

Library Collection

mrl3.jpgThe library has a wide collection of reading materials that caters to 
reading interests of the students. 

General Loan Collection

mrl 4.jpgThese include fiction and non-fiction books in English, Chinese and 

Reference Collection

This consists of encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and other subject reference materials.  These are for reading in the library only and have red stickers on their spines.

Magazines and Newspapers

 Copies of the English and Chinese newspapers are available for students’ use.
The library also subscribes to Adventure Box, Story Box and Discovery 
Box magazines.

Useful Links

Tumble books:  login with mylibraryid

Type  Research  eResources  All eResources  Browse  By A-Z  Select ‘T’  Choose ‘2.TumbleBook library’  Storybooks


discover reads.png

Storynory – free audio for kids