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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Programme

The school aims to develop compassionate leaders who are equipped with skills and guided by values to bring forth changes and improvement within self and others 
Our key guiding principles in the development of student leaders in KCS are: 

Providing opportunity for all
All students are provided with avenues to explore their potential for personal growth and leadership through working with others and developing cooperation among teams.

Expanding leadership capacity
All students have the potential to develop and demonstrate leadership skills over time. Leadership can be developed through learning, guidance and role modelling. Through a wide range of leadership training and activities, student leaders are given the opportunities to practise what they have learnt and become competent leaders. 

Sharing a set of common values and beliefs
The school shares the vision and the responsibility in Student Leadership development. The staff values the students’ efforts and facilitates their leadership training and learning.

Working closely with partners
Collaboration with stakeholders is an important contributing factor in the development of the KCS compassionate leader.

Here are some of the snapshots of the leadership opportunities for KCS student leaders:

KCS Student Leaders.jpg

KCS Student Leaders 2.jpg

KCS Student Leaders 3.jpg

KCS Student Leaders 4.jpg

KCS Student Leaders 5.jpg